Shytoshi Kusama, the community-appointed lead for Shiba Inu, has decisively addressed the apprehensions stemming from the recent turbulence surrounding Shibarium. Kusama offered his unequivocal assurance to the community, stating that the challenges encountered were a consequence of an unexpected surge in user activity.

While certain members of the community were disconcerted by the recent issues, Kusama appeared unperturbed in a recent blog post. The developer’s confidence remained unshaken due to his conviction that the situation was well under control and that the development team was actively engaged in resolving the concerns.

It is worth recollecting that a wave of panic swept through some investors when they encountered difficulties accessing their bridged funds on Shibarium. Kusama stepped forward to clarify that there were no inherent issues with the bridge itself.

Lucie, a member of the Shiba Inu marketing team, disclosed that several parties exploited the situation to disseminate Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) about the project. This included the propagation of alleged fabricated screenshots that purportedly showed Kusama acknowledging fund losses.

Kusama’s Reassuring Address

Addressing the prevailing FUD, Kusama boldly declared in the recently published blog article, “Let’s address the FUD. There are no bridge issues, and any screenshots depicting me reporting problems are false – your funds are secure. So, what transpired?”

He recounted how the burgeoning Shiba Inu community inadvertently triggered issues on exchanges and other platforms due to their sheer numbers, leading to periods of platform downtime.

Kusama emphasized that the development team had not foreseen facing such an issue. His comments underscored the extraordinary scale of the Shiba Inu community’s reach.

According to Kusama, the technical glitch did not originate within Shibarium itself, but instead resulted from a massive surge in user traffic. He affirmed that the development team had not anticipated such a significant adoption rate upon launch, clarifying that efforts were already underway to enhance the system’s scalability.

Shibarium’s Remarkable Adoption

He revealed that the team had secured an enterprise plan with Alchemy, providing them with 400 million compute units per month. However, upon Shibarium’s launch, the team experienced an astonishing influx of over 160 million compute units within just 30 minutes.

This disparity between expectations and reality was substantial, potentially translating to billions of compute units daily if the network’s high usage persisted. Kusama proudly underscored that these figures rival the most prominent layer-2 networks.

Furthermore, Shibarium saw deposits totaling 1,000 ETH and 600,000 BONE within a mere 15 minutes. Kusama acknowledged that while the team had predicted a substantial influx of users, they had not envisaged such a remarkable adoption rate. He seized the opportunity to highlight the remarkable strength of the Shiba Inu community.

Team’s Commitment to Scalability

Kusama then reassured the community that the development team was actively engaged in scaling the system to accommodate the surge in users. He implored investors to exercise patience, stating, “Grant us the time to scale alongside the exceptional team at Unification and other partners. Then, we will relaunch our impressive chain, embarking on our journey towards lasting decentralization.”

Additionally, Kusama cautioned investors against clicking on unofficial links not originating from He warned of potential dangers associated with these links, as malicious actors often exploit such situations to target unsuspecting investors.


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